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I would be lying if I told you I have been a Red Sox fan my whole life. The fact is, I only realized my love for the Sox in 1969. So for the past 35 years my loyalty has been solely with the boys from Boston. Through thick and thin, wins and losses, I have stuck it out. And for that loyalty, I (and many other faithful fans) have been given the greatest gift of see the Boston Red Sox win a World Series Championship during their lifetime.

But some may say, "What's the big deal? Why do you think winning one world championship in 86 years is so great?" To someone who is not a Red Sox fan, it is hard to explain.

As close as I can get to an explanation is what Dan Shaughnessy of the Boston Globe wrote:

The Red Sox are a team that connects generations.

That's why this matters so much.

They remind you of your father and mother, maybe your grandfather too. And they remind you of your sons and daughters and all that you taught them when they were young. Like green eyes and freckles, the love of the Red Sox is passed through bloodlines, and the shared passion can bridge the gaps that come with maturity and growth.

In every family there's inevitable distance -- sometimes geographic, sometimes philosophical or emotional. But the Red Sox furnish common ground, which is why they are more than a baseball team and why it is more than a story of a surge to a long awaited championship.

I hope you enjoy this website and what I have decided to share with you. Besides the relevant Boston Red Sox links, I have also placed some pictures of my lifelong experiences with the Sox and also some Red Sox graphics I have put together myself! Long live the Red Sox!


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